How to discipline a Rhodesian Ridgeback


The Rhodesian Crested Dog, bred to hunt lions and other large game species in Africa, is a large breed of dog. Although they are powerful dogs, they are friendly and good-natured.

Since they are complacent, they are easy to train; Rhodesian Crested Dogs view training as play and are willing to participate. A well-trained dog is a loyal and protective friend; however, an untrained one is a possible risk due to size and strength.

Proper training of Rhodesian Crested Dogs ensures that they are well trained and that they respect their master’s authority as leader of the pack.

Step 1 Stop your Rhodesian Crested dog as soon as he is misbehaving. He jerks his leash once sharply to get his attention. If it’s loose, say “no” or make a clear sound in a firm voice. Never yell at him as they are a sensitive breed of dog.

Step 2 Supervise your Rhodesian Crested dog with your shoulders back and head up if his misbehavior continues – this shows him that you are the dominant role. Tell him to lie down by giving him a verbal or physical command.

Step 3 If he still refuses to sit down, push your Rhodesian Crested dog to the ground on his side while you are squatting. Keep it lying down while it relaxes under your hands; This shows your dog that you are the leader of the pack.

Step 4 Always keep him tied up if his misbehavior is constant. He pulls on the leash severely to correct him when he begins to misbehave; Over time, you will learn what behaviors are inappropriate and the leash will no longer be necessary.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: Education A lack of learning tricks or repetitive movements or commands should never be confused with a lack of intelligence.

They get bored easily when we make them repeat the same exercises constantly and usually after doing the same exercise two or three times they get fed up and go their own way.

The education of our Ridgeback must always be with the method called “positive training”. They do not tolerate a heavy hand or punishment. It is a breed with a great hunting instinct. In Europe, they are used with great success in hunting wild boar and deer.

So if we are going for a walk through the field or forest and suddenly we see our Ridgeback running away, it may be that he is going after a rabbit or even a wild boar, for this reason, it is important that he learns the “stop” or “come” command and avoid an accident.

It is a breed that is a bit stubborn or that thinks for itself, and if they do not see an end in what we ask of them, they will not do it. That is why positive training is important, as well as looking for the motivation of our dog (toy or food).

We can perform multiple activities with our Ridgeback: agility, lure coursing, canicross, obedience, morphological exhibitions… Just a few weeks ago I was asked why the Rhodesian Ridgeback should not be trained or was not the most suitable breed as a police dog, so I take advantage also this article to give such an explanation.

After my experience of more than 15 years with the breed and also with the advice of trainers who train dogs of the Spanish police forces, the explanation of why it is not the most suitable breed to train in attack and defense is the following:

We must bear in mind that the Rhodesian Ridgeback was a dog created mainly with hunting breeds and its functionality was/is to hunt (big game) and guard the property. Being hunting dogs, they are prey/grab dogs. His instinct is to go to the movement and bite the “bulge” are not fixed bite, for example, the cuff.

With a lot of training and in a controlled environment, the bite you are looking for could be achieved, but outside of this, it may not react in the way that is expected.

Due to this hunting instinct, they do not have the type of aggression necessary for defense, but it is a type of aggression for hunting. They have great respect for people, so the attack that this breed is looking for is not given.

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