How to teach your Great Dane to sit and stay


Now that your dog knows the basic commands, the others will be easier to teach. The next two commands, sit and stay, are based on the “sit” command.

These are important commands because they prevent your Great Dane from getting into trouble, such as trying to run after something or grabbing something that they are not supposed to have.

First, teaching your dog to stay The first thing to do is tell your dog to sit, once he does, tell him to stay using the command word he has chosen, and slowly take two steps back as you extend your palm towards the dog. If they stay, give them a gift, if they try to follow you, tell them to sit down and try again until they stay.

Once they learn to stay after taking two steps back, increase their backing distance by a couple of steps and repeat the process. Keep repeating this process until they can sit up and stay no matter how far you go.

This training process may take a little longer for your Great Dane to understand, especially since it is not natural for a dog to stay still when he wants to run. It may take a few tries and it’s fine. Train with patience and persistence.

The next thing is to teach your Great Dane to spill whatever is in its mouth. This is important to teach your Great Dane, due to how massive and strong they are. If they get something they should not or is dangerous for them, it will be difficult to get it back if they don’t know about this command.

For this command, you will need a hard, edible treat, such as rawhide bones, or a chew toy, and regular training treats. Give your dog one side of the chew toy and hold on to the other side (don’t let go). Once your dog grabs the side of the chew toy, tell him to drop it and show him the (tastiest) treat.

When they release the chew toy, give them verbal praise and gratitude. After doing it a few times with the treat, just pretend to show them a treat and tell them to walk away.

Once they drop, congratulate them verbally. Practice this a few times, and then practice without holding onto the other side of the chew toy, bringing in the treats if necessary.

If your Great Dane has gotten something dangerous and for some reason doesn’t drop it, in an emergency you can grab it. To do this, insert your thumb and middle finger into your mouth just behind the canines and squeeze.

This will open their mouths so you can grab what they have. How to teach your Great Dane to come to Another important command for your Great Dane to learn is to come when called.

This command is particularly useful for getting your Great Dane’s attention, especially when you want them to drop something or leave something alone.

Put your Great Dane on a leash and go to a place where he has plenty of room to spread out. Get a leash distance away from your Great Dane, tell him to come or call his name, and gently pull on the leash.

Once they get close to you, give them a treat and lots of verbal praise. Do this until you no longer must tug on the leash or give them a gift. Bring them to a secure, enclosed area and remove them from the leash.

Practice getting them off-leash. Reintroduce the treats if necessary. Practice this until they can do it without any leashes or treats. This can take a while too, so be patient and keep practicing.

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