How to train a Border Collie puppy?


Now let me tell you that it is important to train your Border Collie while it is still a puppy. The sooner you start training with it, the sooner you will start to see results.

It is important to establish a correct approach to training if you want to create a good relationship with your dog. You don’t want him to listen to you because he is afraid of you, you want your puppy to listen to you because he respects you.

Obedience training There is an urban legend that says that training or obedience is not necessary if your dog is not still disobeying you. However, this is not true.

Obedience training will teach your dog to interact with people. It’s about teaching him ground rules, not jumping at people, not biting you, or not getting heavy begging for food, even before he starts doing all these things.

You don’t have to wait for your dog to have these bad habits to correct them because then it will be much more difficult to break these habits and get good behavior. Obedience is not only used to fix behavior problems but also to prevent them.

Tricks to train your puppy Border Collies are extremely intelligent dogs and are fast learners. However, when it comes to a puppy, he cannot go straight to teaching complicated tricks.

First, you must start with the basics, and little by little as the dog has assimilated the basic commands raise the difficulty.

It is important to associate a sound (a name, a word, only one) to each order and repeat and repeat, even if it is boring, you must always use the same word to avoid confusing our Border Collie and obtain better results.

Between 3 – 6 Months Start by teaching your Border Collie puppy the basics. Teach him to come when you call him, to sit (“sit”), lie down (“Platz”), get up, walk with you, not to pull on the leash, and other “easy tricks.” The tricks that involve different steps can be confusing for a puppy this age, so we’ll wait for later.

Between 6 – 12 Months Now you can include the “talk”, “bring something” or “roll” and other tricks of medium difficulty. Your Border Collie should already know and master the basic commands, so learning these new ones should be easy for him.

From 1 year Anything goes at this age. If you want to train your Border Collie to ring the bell when he must go out, or to bring the newspaper in the morning American style, this is the right time to do it.

The guide to choosing your Border Collie Frequent questions: Q: At what age do I start training my puppy?

A: You must start training your puppy as soon as you bring him home. The reason is simple, he is constantly learning from you, it doesn’t matter if you have officially started training him or not. Otherwise, you may be feeding bad habits without realizing it.

Q: What order should I teach my pet first? A: Before teaching any tricks, you must make sure the dog knows its name. You cannot name your puppy Tuka and expect him to know that that is his name.

Every time you play with him or take him for a walk, call him by his name. If you want a first “trick” to teach your puppy, you should start with the easiest one: sit. Q: Why is my dog ​​confusing the name of the commands?

A: It is not so uncommon for a dog to confuse commands, especially when there is a treat involved.

If your pup is just spinning through everything he knows until he gets the prize, then he probably doesn’t associate the command names with the actions. Practice each trick individually and have him repeat it 3-4 times in a row.

This will help you associate the name of the cheat with what it must do. Using your hand to signal is also a good way to eliminate confusion that can be caused by similar-sounding words.

Training the border collie: one of the most intelligent dogs The qualities of this dog facilitate its training, although it is always easier to start from an early age.

Still, it is necessary to follow a gradual learning process as it grows Training the border collie: One of the most intelligent dogs The training of the border collie, a dog that has been used for years as a sheepdog, is not given the incredible qualities and abilities of this breed. We give you some practical advice that will be extremely useful to train him.

Qualities that facilitate the training of the border collie To learn a little more about this breed and its characteristics that will facilitate training, let’s review these: Trainable: The border collie is very stubborn at what it does, so when you want to teach it something, it will not stop until it understands you and carries out the command.

He has a great capacity for learning and attention; he will be very attentive to everything you tell him. Obedience: One of the main characteristics of the border is that it is very obedient. He will never oppose you and always, regardless of the circumstance, will obey your orders.

Some claim that he is extremely obedient, more reason to give him good training. Tranquility: Although it is not a small dog and it will need a certain dose of exercise, the Border Collie is a normally calm dog, not at all nervous or hyperactive, ideal for being with the family. If you know well how to train your dog and not over-excite him, you will have a home and family animal.

Intelligence: This is another of the main characteristics of the breed that will allow it to be easily trained. Its intelligence will favor the learning of more complicated commands than the basic ones, and you will be able to enjoy your dog and show it off to your friends.

Shepherd dog: This breed has been used for years as a sheepdog, so it has an intrinsic instinct for protection. It will be ideal if you want it to be a guard dog in addition to being a pet, as it will protect its own no matter what it must give in return.

Border collie training, how to do it The best thing to train a dog is to do it since it is a puppy, but of course, you have to consider age, because not all kinds of tasks can be taught at all times.

Check out this guide that will help you train your Border Collie at the right time. Three to six months At this age, you can start to socialize him so that he gets used to being with other dogs and other people.

You can also teach him basic commands like sitting, staying still, getting up, or walking with you without a leash. We recommend doing this last step at home or indoors to prevent the puppy from escaping. Six to twelve months Here you can control his barking, ask him to bring you something or to roll an object.

At this point, the dog will have understood that you are the leader of the pack and that, therefore, he must obey you. This fact, together with his intelligence and stubbornness, will allow him to learn the orders faster and faster.

After a year After year, you can teach anything you want to your Border Collie. It is the ideal age even to take him to a professional trainer who will teach him tasks such as bringing you the newspaper, taking his plate to the kitchen, and others to show off as a pet.

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